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Educational Enhancement Grants:

Education Enhancement Grants are awarded competitively within the state through internal review of proposals. Emphasis is on "product" or "value added"; we will not fund "improvements" which require continuing Consortium funding to maintain their existence. Awards are for one year, but may be renewed if further development and goals are proposed.

Educational Enhancement Grant Recipients.

Research Initiation Grants:

Research Initiation grants are awarded competitively through internal and external review of proposals. These are intended as "seed money", are for one year of funding only, and are not renewable through the Consortium. Awardees are required to submit a follow-on proposal to NASA for regular research funding during the year of the grant. The majority of this funding has gone to graduate student support, providing both research and education enhancement simultaneously.

Research Initiation Grant Current Recipients Past Recipients

Montana NASA EPSCoR Research Group Awards:

Montana NASA EPSCoR Research Group Awards are awarded competitively within the state through State review of pre-proposals. Two proposals are then submitted to NASA for review and competitive selection. For more details visit Montana NASA EPSCoR.

Montana NASA EPSCoR Research Group Awards: Recipients.



MSGC 2013 Call for Research Initiation and Education Enhancement Proposals



Montana NASA EPSCoR (MNE) 2014 Call for NASA Research Group Pre-proposals


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