Nanostructured optics for high-performance imaging at non-traditional wavelengths

PI: Wataru Nakagawa, Montana State University
Awarded form 2010

The goal of this project is a proof-of-concept demonstration of nanostructured optical devices operating at non-traditional wavelengths. There are a number of interesting and important applications for optics outside the traditional visible and telecommunications wavelength bands, including solar astronomy in the extreme ultraviolet or Earth environmental monitoring in the mid-infrared. One of the challenges in working with these uncommon wavelengths is the difficulty of finding high performance and cost-effective optical components. Optical nanostructures are potentially a solution, as a device with subwavelength-scale structuring can possess optical characteristics very different from the constituent materials. Through precise nanostructure design, these properties can be optimized for a specific application and wavelength. Also, nanostructures can achieve optical characteristics not readily found in nature, such as high birefringence (polarization selectivity), or extremely strong dispersion. This project will investigate the suitability of optical nanostructures for applications in ongoing NASA-sponsored projects at MSU.

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